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Khatu Shyam Salasar Tour



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Highlights of Khatu Shyam Salasar Tour

Khatu Shyam ji Temple: Khatu Shyam ji temple is a sacred Hindu pilgrim destination which attracts millions of devotees throughout the year. The temple is enshrined with the idol of Lord Krishna and worshipped as Khatu Shyam ji who is believed to be the “God of Kaliyug”. The architecture of the temple is quite rich embellished with marble, tiles and lime mortar and the shutters plated with beautiful silver sheets. The walls of this temple are carved and painted in a way symbolizing the mythological history of the past. There is magical pond near the temple and it is believed that a dip in the pond cures all the ailments.

Salasar Balaji Temple:After seeking blessings from Khatu shyam ji temple we will head towards Salasar Balaji temple which takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the temple. Situated in the town of Salasar in Churu district of Rajasthan, Salasar Balaji Mandir is a sacred Hindu Pilgrimage holding religious importance for Lord Hanuman’s devotees. The temple witness huge number of devotees for the entire year but the temple gets flooded with masses during Hanuman Jayanti and the fair festivals of Ashwin and Chaitra Purnima.

Darshan Timing: Morning 4:00 am to 10:00 at night

How to travel from Jaipur to Kahtu Shyam ji Temple:

The main Temple of Khatu Shyam ji is located in proximity to Jaipur which could be best explored in a road trip. We have seen many visitors hustling hard in the long booking queues for such a short journey. So, in order to ease this conveyance scenario for our Khatu shyam ji Devotees, we have curated a list of Jaipur to Khatu Shyam ji Package which also includes visit to Salasar Balaji Temple. We value your emotion and devotion and so our team has worked in the direction to make this package completely economical to fit in your budget brackets.

Our tour package covers all the city sightseeing attractions of Salasar as well as Khatu Shyam Ji. To make your bookings you can either call us on +91- 9983078901 or email us to submit your information. You can also submit your requirements in the “book section” and our travel executive will reach you shortly to plan your khatu shyam ji tour.

Other attractions near Khatu Shyam Ji temple:

After paying homage in the main Khatu Shyam ji temple you can also visit other nearby attractions.

Shyam Kund: Many devotees include a visit to Shyam Kund as a mandatory part of their Khatu Shyam JI tour as it is believed that a dive in this holy pond cures all the ailments and bestows us with good health.

Gouri Shankar Temple: This Shiva Temple near Khatu Shyam Ji temple has attained good fame with the brief folklore associated with it. It is believed that Mughal Emperor “Aurangzeb” once tried to destroy this temple and when his soldiers attacked the enshrined Shiva Linga with their spear, fountains of blood started to flow from it. The soldiers ran away and still the marks of the spear attack could be seen on the Shiva Linga.

Shyam Bagichi: This is the serene blessed garden situated near the temple where people could be seen resting and seeking solace while Darshan of the deity are closed. Flowers which are offered in the temple are also plucked from this garden. Shyam Bagichi also houses the Samadhi of a great devotee Lt. Aloo Singh Ji.

Other preferred extension to the tour:

Khatu Shyam ji, Salasar Balaji with Jeena Mata Temple: Jeena Mata Ji temple is an integral part of the religious circuit of Khatu Shyam ji and Salasar Balaji. People generally prefer to pay their homage to Jeena Mata ji temple during their tour. It is majorly a sacred village of religious importance which is situated at 29 km distance from Sikar District. The shrine of Jeen Mata is believed to be thousand years old which is a huge attraction for millions of devotees during fairs organized during Chaitra purnima and Ashwin Purnima. There are numerous Dharamshala for the accommodation purpose of devotees. You can also add this temple to your trip to khatu shyam Ji and make your own customization to your Khatu Shyam and Salasar Balaji tour.

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